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Alternate Guitar Tunings Reference

The Complete App of Alternate Tunings

The Alternate Tunings app at Chord Finder can help you to decipher all the tuning techniques that there are. Whether we talk about standard tunings or alternate tunings for guitar, every method has been well explained in great depth but simplistically so that you can go about tuning your guitar without anyone's help.
Standard Tuning -
The Alternate Tunings app has 36 of the most popular alternate tunings for guitar that are very well explained. Players can view Scales, Arpeggios and Notes on the fretboard in Standard or Alternate Tuning. Guitar alternate tunings can get a bit difficult unless someone reads music but with our app, the entire exercise becomes very simple.
Open C Tuning -
With our Alternate Tunings app, you simply tap on each string to set the key for tuning. Once you have set the keys for all the strings, you can set the type of alternate tunings for guitar. For example, there is a tab for alternate tunings which lists all the standard tunings, open tunings, instrumental tunings, regular tunings and special tunings. These guitar alternate tunings have a wide variety and a lot of key combinations. You can choose whichever specific type you would want to have and can opt for that specific type of alternate tunings.
Guitar Scale C Major in Open C Tuning -
There is also a preset custom option for guitar alternate tunings. This list shall offer you options such as lower tunings, higher tunings, dropped tunings, open tunings, crossnote tunings, modal tunings, extended chord tunings and a few miscellaneous tunings. There are hordes of variety and combinations of alternate tunings within the present custom category as well. Besides setting the key for specific strings, you can also delve into the two different set of alternate tunings and can use the method that you like best or suits your specific requirements.
Guitar Arpeggio C Maj in Open C Tuning -
With our simple guitar alternate tunings app at Chord Finder, you would never need another resource to help you with any form of standard, custom or alternate tunings for guitar. The language is simple, the visual representations are very well conveyed and the sheer ease with which you can interpret and understand every method and technical aspect would certainly help you to learn a lot more about alternate tunings along with chords, notes, scales and everything in general and detail about guitars.
Note (Key) C in Open C Tuning -
While this app offering alternate tunings for guitars work wonders for beginners, they can be equally helpful for professional guitarists as well.
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