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Guitar Notes Reference

Free Fretboard Notes Reference Tool For Guitarists

Guitar note reference is an important exercise that must be included in almost every practice session. Whether you are just starting out or have been at it for a while, note reference would be crucial to how well you can play the instrument. Fretboard note reference becomes an easy task when you are practicing with a veteran guitarist but while you are practicing alone, you could really do better with a reference guide or an app that can help you to not only identify a specific note but also get a detailed idea about all notes and the variations that each key and note can have.
Guitar Note Reference : C key -
With our note reference feature in the app at Chord Finder, you can easily locate, create and document all notes that you possibly can create. It works conveniently even for beginners. All you need to do is pick a key and see the possible notes for the specific key. Once you select a key, you would see the guitar note reference on the fretboard marked in blue. You can delve further into the specific note by checking out all its # and b variations. In note reference, any keys and spots act as different types or variants of a note structure. With our app you can understand and learn everything about guitar note reference.
Guitar Note Reference : All # key -
Each note on our fretboard note reference would offer you all the possible combinations. The note reference works quickly and offers accurate results. The visual representation is also compatible for right handed and left handed guitarists. So you can easily click on the option below and get the visual representations laterally inverted to suit your style.
Guitar Note Reference : All b key -
Our app offers much more than guitar note reference and if you wish to know more about chords, note formations and scales, then there are features that can offer you all the necessary resources that you would need to identify chords, create scales or use the reverse chord finder to document technical details about a certain tune that you have composed.
With our note reference app, chord finder app and various other tools including a chord quiz, Chord Finder is a one stop resource for every aspiring guitarist out there. Whether you are a self learner or a guitarist by hobby, Chord Finder has all the information and guides that you should have to know more about guitars, note reference, chords, scales and variations.
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