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Alternate Tunings Reference

Open G Tuning (D.G.D.G.B.D)

In the Open G tuning, the strings are tuned to a G major chord, making it easy to play in the key of G and in related keys. Though often used in 'folk' music, Jimmy Page's Bron-Y-Aur Stomp shows that this is more a matter of tradition than of necessity.

The top four strings are the same as the common G tuning for banjo, so banjo players will find it easy. Alternatively, if you find the open G tuning fun, why not give the banjo a try? The second, third, and fourth strings are tuned exactly the same as in the standard EBGDAE tuning. All chord and scale forms on these three strings remain the same, making Open G one of the easiest alternate tunings to play in. As with most open tunings, the multiple D and G strings can be easily used to make up new ways of fingering chords. For more chord forms, note that the Open G tuning is sandwiched between the Open G Minor and the Modal G tunings. Both of these chord charts can be used for additional Open G chords with only minor modifications.
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