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Open D Tuning (D.A.D.F#.A.D)

The three bass strings can be used for powerful root-fifth-octave chords, or they can be used as steady drones beneath a shifting harmony. Almost every chord type has an easy bar-fingering: major, minor, 7th, sus 4, major and minor 6, and 7sus 4. This adds to the versatility of the Open D tuning and makes it possible to play in a variety of styles and keys. Two well known tunes in Open D are Joni Mitchel's Big Yellow Taxi and the Allman Brother's Little Martha. Common variations of the Open D tuning are to tune it down two frets to the key of C (CGCEGD), or to tune it up two frets to the key of E (EBEG#BE).

As with many open tunings, the multiple D and A strings can be used to easily make up new ways of fingering chords. For more chord fingerings, note that the Open D tuning is sandwiched between the Open D minor and the Modal D tunings. Both of these chord charts can be used for additional Open D chords with only minor modifications.
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