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The Guitar Scales feature that you get to enjoy at Chord Finder is your gateway to learn guitar scales. For a beginner guitar scales can really be a little hard to master. Well, this is how simply the Guitar Scales app works.
First, you would have to select the key. You would have a choice of all keys that a guitar has, from C, C# to Bb and B. Once you have selected the key you would like to get the guitar scales, you would find all the information listed on the right. It will tell you the name of the guitar scales, notes, formula and its alternate names.
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Now, you may want to have some variety or want to try out certain types of guitar scales. In such cases, there is an option to Select Type. This feature includes 42 scale types such as Major Scale Modes, Harmonic Minor Modes, Melodic Minor Modes, Pentatonics, Symmetrical Scales and a Miscellaneous category listing a few rare types. There are several options that you can try and play around with to know more about guitar scales. This feature is not only a great tool to find out about any specific guitar scales but also to learn guitar scales from scratch.
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For every key that you select, you can actually play the guitar scales on the app itself to know how it sounds. Thereon you can practice some beginner guitar scales on your own guitar and sync it to see if you are playing it right.
Guitar Scale C Major -
Once you learn guitar scales using this app by learning about the specific keys, scales and formula, you also need to know the complementing chords that have to be in the composition. Unless you are a pro at chords, it can be very difficult to create the exact chords that would go with the guitar scales you have just learnt and played. This is where our Chord Scale Relationship app comes in.
Recommended Chords for Guitar Scales C Major -
The Chord Scale Relationship app would tell you the chords that go with the guitar scales. How this works is also fairly simple. Once you have the guitar scales displayed, there is a View Recommended Chords option, clicking which you would be shown all the possible chords that can seamlessly blend into the guitar scales. This app also works vice versa. If you were to find out about chords and learn of guitar scales, the app would offer you that information as well.
Chord Scale Relationship. Chord C maj and Scale E Locrian -
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