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Lefty Tuning (E.B.G.D.A.E)

Watch a left handed guitarist play a right handed guitar - they play chords backwards - and finger them strangely, too. You can simulate this left/right confusion by restringing your guitar from high to low (or by programming a MIDI guitar controller). Interestingly, it doesn't take long to become quite proficient at left hand guitar (assuming you start out proficient at right hand guitar!), because the left/right symmetry makes many chords easier to remember. In general, scales are more confusing than chords - the sound often rises when you expect it to fall, and falls when you think it should rise. Many standard strums take on an interesting character because the "alternating bass" turns into an "alternating treble." Some chords are easier to finger, like the barred E major. Some are more difficult: try to play an E ninth at the 7th fret. There are some surprises, too, some chords that "don't exist" in the standard tuning (note the F minor at the fifth fret). Hmm, I wonder what other tunings would be fun in their "lefty" versions?
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