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Aug Fourths Tuning (C.F#.C.F#.C.F#)

The augmented fourth interval is the only interval whose inverse is the same as itself. The augmented fourths tuning is the only tuning (other than the "trivial" tuning CCCCCC) for which all chords forms remain unchanged when the strings are reversed. Thus the augmented fourths tuning is its own "lefty" tuning. If we lived in a world with an equal number of left and right handed guitar players, perhaps this tuning would be the standard!

There are numerous variants of the fingerings shown in the accompanying chord chart. Any fret played on any C (or F#) string can also be played on any other C (or F#) string. Since there are three C strings and three F# strings, this gives a wealth of possibilities. The five D7 and Dmaj7 chords give an idea of the vast possibilites. How many open position D major chords can you find?
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