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How Do You Test That You Know A Fair Bit About Guitar Chords?

Sure, you have been playing on the strings for a while and have also composed a jingle that your friends have praised but there is only one surefire way to test your knowledge and skills - that is to play a guitar chords quiz.
At Chord Finder, we have a one of a kind chord quiz playing which you would be able to know how much you have learnt about chords and this shall also act as a huge learning experience. Since the chord quiz is highly detailed and intrinsic, the unique guitar chords and their variations can pose a tough brainstorming session for any aspiring musician.
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Playing the guitar chords quiz is relatively easy and simple to go about. There are three levels of the chord quiz - Easy, Normal and Hard. Quite naturally the chord quiz is preset at Easy but you can maneuver it and go for Normal or Hard levels as well. They do not need to be unlocked, as in levels are independent of each other. However, it is always advisable to start any music chords quiz at Easy levels and then the harder ones.
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The chord quiz at Chord Finder is a multiple choice variant. For every chord structure that would be displayed on the graphical fret board, there would be a few options to choose from. For every right answer, the chord quiz will tell you that the answer is Correct and for every wrong on, you would get to see that it is Wrong. In case you do not know the answer or have supplied the wrong answer, the right answer would be displayed after you select your option. Hence, you would always get to know more by playing the chord quiz even if you are not aware of any specific chord.
Getting started with the guitar chords quiz is pretty easy. You just need to set the difficulty level, click on New Quiz and start playing. The chord quiz would record the number of tests you have taken and would also show you your scores. Should you wish to remove your past scores or any records of past tests then simply click on Clear Stats button.
If you have been practicing some of our free guitar chords then it is obvious you would want to know more and also test your skills, the chord quiz is the best place to start.
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